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About Us

Data-Driven Sports Betting Picks Consulting

We follow the numbers, and the data provides us with a guide on how to stay ahead of the odds. Then, we work to take the odds back into our favor through trend analysis. 

At the same time, we record our own track record of success, and we’ve proven our profitability over the long term. We’ll lay juice (odds) as an insurance policy to hedge our bets, as not every bet can be a winner, but this helps with our long-term strategy and success.

In-Game Wagering

A big part of our success comes from taking advantage of live betting. While our machine learning algorithms are crunching the numbers before game time, they won’t continue to produce in-game betting once the game is live.

At SportifyPix Consulting Group Inc. that doesn’t stop us because in-game live betting is one of the strategies we use to help with getting you those profits. That means we take a hands-on approach to help support live betting. 

 This allows us to guarantee a profit or break even on our original investment, and we share that information with you. This measure can also help you to minimize your exposure by placing hedged bets throughout the game. As long as you’re a VIP member, we will send you our holistic approach to live betting, covering every corner of the topic, upon request.
Quality Sports Betting Picks Over Quantity

You won’t get dozens of picks per day. Instead, you will get thoroughly researched picks that have an optimal chance of winning. It’s about giving our VIPs hand-selected options and choices that lead to successful betting over the long term. 

The Premium’s data and research expertise is focused on all major U.S. sports leagues from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. The Premium also covers the global ATP tours. In addition, there are lean plays offered for NCAA, but only shared via social media channels.